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Tomorrow, 0:00 Cosmin Lukacs - TranceSound Session (2 Jul)
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Tomorrow, 18:00 Veselin Tasev - Danse Avec Moi (2 Jul)
Tomorrow, 19:00 The Podcast Show - Store and Forward (2 Jul)
00:00 Mell Tierra ft Maegan Cottone - The Greatest (Vocal Mix)
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28 Jul, 20:00 Mark Arbor - Monthly Top 10 (28 Jul)
26 Jul, 16:00 DJ Cosmo - Cosmology Radio Show (26 Jul)
24 Jul, 15:00 Randy Boyer - BUZZ Radio (24 Jul)
23 Jul, 22:00 Vadim Soloviev - Progressive Mentality (23 Jul)
23 Jul, 18:00 Euphonic label residents - Euphonic Sessions (23 Jul)
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Alex Leavon


Music hast always been present is Alex’s Life, influenced by all
styles, from all origins but he was more impressed by the power & the
effect which can have Music on People !

This effect, Alex realized it when it started younger to go out, and
felt in Love with Electronic Music. He started traveling around in the
major Clubbing Events, in Spain, Holland or England, and his passion
for Trance & Dance music became bigger & bigger, and now he wanted to
be an actor of the Dance scene ..

Alex started DJing in 2005, and improved his technique with the time
by practicing & practicing whenever he had some free time.

In 2006, after getting enough experience, he decided to become public,
and the best media for that was Internet, so he launched his first
podcast most of the sessions are Trance & Progressive, but some house
& tribal, as he loves this style for the happiness of this Music.

2007 was the Year where everything went faster, after making some Gigs
around Europe, mainly in Spain, he also got his bi-monthly show
“Destination: Infinity” on PureSound.FM.
Nowadays, Alex is spending most of the time in Studio, producing and
hope to release his first tracks end of the year ...


Destination: Infinity
2nd & 4th Sunday at 9pm GMT