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Today, 16:00 DJ Cosmo - Cosmology Radio Show (23 Oct)
Today, 18:00 Veselin Tasev - Danse Avec Moi (23 Oct)
Today, 19:00 Sergey Alymov - Emotion In Motion (23 Oct)
Today, 20:00 W&D - Water World (23 Oct)
Tomorrow, 10:00 Stefanno B2B Julianno - Trance Vibrations Residents (24 Oct)
00:00 Deep Skies feat. Cass Fox - Little Bird (Mike Koglin Remix)
Fresh podcasts
28 Jul, 20:00 Mark Arbor - Monthly Top 10 (28 Jul)
26 Jul, 16:00 DJ Cosmo - Cosmology Radio Show (26 Jul)
24 Jul, 15:00 Randy Boyer - BUZZ Radio (24 Jul)
23 Jul, 22:00 Vadim Soloviev - Progressive Mentality (23 Jul)
23 Jul, 18:00 Euphonic label residents - Euphonic Sessions (23 Jul)
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Top Radioshows

1. Oxygen Sessions (October 2014)
Rebecca Saforia
15 October 2014, 18:00

2. Danse Avec Moi 238 (27-03-2014)
Veselin Tasev
8 October 2014, 19:08

3. Above the Mix episode 240
Nicologik @nicologik
9 October 2014, 16:35

4. Mark Arbor's
Monthly Top10 Selection 013
9 October 2014, 18:18

5. Itzik Aviv Pres. Time To Trance 030 21.10.14

21 October 2014, 17:59


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Welcome to PureSound.fm online trance radio. Tune in to listen new and best classic trance music in high quality.

inSound Residents - inSound Show (23 Oct)Now, 14:00—16:00

More info here.

DJ Cosmo - Cosmology Radio Show (23 Oct)Today, 16:00—17:00

More info here.

Veselin Tasev - Danse Avec Moi (23 Oct)Today, 18:00—19:00

More info here.

Sergey Alymov - Emotion In Motion (23 Oct)Today, 19:00—20:00

In the Emotion In Motion radioshow DJ Sergey Alymov presents his sight on global and russian trance scene. The most energetic and melodic tunes, fresh tracks reviews, exclusive works of russian DJ and producers - all this in the Emotion In Motion radioshow. 60 minutes music of feelings, music of love and music of good - trance music!

W&D - Water World (23 Oct)Today, 20:00—22:00

Water World is many-sided world. You can see there sunlight, darkness, beauty, depth, tranquility, raging life etc. It's the other world which has a lot similar with our reality. Everything you see can see there is unique. So «Water World Radio Show» is a radio show where every new episode is unique. Our concept is to reproduce our emotional and sensory condition at the moment. This condition can be reproduced trough the trance, house, synthy-pop, ambient or other style, therefore our radio show is out of any format. We play only tunes we like independently of the release date. Someone can find this unknown world fearful. But don't be afraid of it. During our journey we will show you that darkness can be beautiful and depth is full of life. Everything you need to do: tune in, relax and switch on your imagination where we will be drawing the open door to our world.

Stefanno B2B Julianno - Trance Vibrations Residents (24 Oct)Tomorrow, 10:00—12:00

More info here.

Fluctor - Progressive Reaction (24 Oct)Tomorrow, 14:00—15:00

More info here.

DJ Ailfenergy - Global Friday (24 Oct)Tomorrow, 15:00—16:00

More info here.

Talla 2XLC - Addicted to Trance (24 Oct)Tomorrow, 19:00—20:00

More info here.

Darude - EnMass Radio (24 Oct)Tomorrow, 20:00—21:00

More info here.

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